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“A long Journey start from the small step…”

That sentence is where we started our works in 1990’s, in tiny, narrow and muddy workspace at Ratna Street, Denpasar. With limited equipment and skills, we starting small group that we named “ng” and agreed to use sole of foot logo.

Sole of foot is the bottom of body part where people less to pay attention, not like hair or face where most people looking after it carefully even though sole of foot is one of the most important body part. That is where we get our philosophy to used Sole as our logo. One of the backstage job that have less popularity. What we mean is people see the outcome result without knowing who made it. And that is where we found our satisfaction in working. Like body anatomy, we took the bottom specialization in the event. As a printing labor, install labor, painter, engraver, etc, until an event become more interesting to look at.

Also the color of the logo that we used is based on Hindu ideology, where 3 elements of logo color is represented of 3 strong of Hindu God, Brahma (Red) as a creator, Vishnu (Black) as caretaker and Siva (White) as dissolver. This 3 elements is usually called Ang, Ung and Mang. Or in amsa hieroglyph (omkara) called “ng”. We assumed that 3 elements really inspired and exactly portray on what we are doing. Day by day we exerted all our ability to create a maximum outcome, install it carefully, and in the end of the show we destroy it.

Perhaps it sound exaggerate, but let it be our interpretation as a trigger to work better. In a long time range, there are so many things that we already did. Honestly, our motivation is not excessive, it just like a normal corporate that time, just try to survive in life. Only that reason and a long time range that finally made us a reliable team. Although it still far from perfect, but we are learning and trying to translate everything of our obligation. In the end we make sure everything installed in the right place and time. Big or small of work scope we will still see it as our responsibility that we need to handle it with carefully and grateful.

One Day?
If you have a job where you think you need our specialization, how small it is and you don’t have someone to execute it, at least in Bali local scope, with our humblest please do contact us.

We are Hoping,
Our small step can help you to take a bigger step.

Hope good thought come from all directions.

Warm Regards,